Stuff you might want to know

MYSTIC MACKEREL CREATIONS was the brainchild of Phil Brightman and Sandra Foxwell, my friends and festival neighbours.

I am hugely indebted to them; firstly for allowing me to take it on when they finally retired, and for being patient and helpful while I attempted to learn the trade, and last but not least, for some cracking designs I have retained. 

I changed the name to MYSTIC MACKEREL MARVELLOUS TEES to reflect that this is what I'm producing now. T-shirts. I've had a lot of fun creating my own designs to add to the product catalogue, and I'm not done yet. 

If you like what you see, standard colour tees are generally available to press right away in sizes s to 2XL. 3XL and 4XL cost more as blanks, may need ordering in, and are not available in all colours. 

If you want a different colour, the blanks would need ordering in first, and if you want some specific wording , get in touch via the contact page. 

Postage is based on the weight of the average t-shirt and whilst the shipping settings are designed to add a set amount per extra item, that's not how it works in practice. So you don't get overcharged accordingly, the options at checkout are for a particular method of delivery with the number of shirts as further options, because once you get passed two or three, it's the same up to six. 

I only used Gildan t-shirts for quality, value and longevity. They don't shrink, or at least not when in a normal wash (i.e.don't boil them) and they don't go out of shape. Basic stock colours are black, dark blue, dark green and dark red. 

Mystic Mackerel can be found at festivals in the UK every summer as a large part of the Bookworm Abroad festival stall, where you can browse for books and cds and choose from a large range of t-shirts on display.